The Client...

Z2 Engineering are Worcester Bosch accredited boiler installers based in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. With services including boiler breakdown repairs and installation, gas fire installation and repairs and solar hot water installation, Z2 also have a payment plan they can offer to eligible customers along with a 10-year warranty on their Worcester Bosch boilers.

Z2 Engineering were struggling to bring in new enquiries through their website. After taking a look around their existing site, we found the website wasn’t built to be mobile friendly and this was affecting the user journey as well as their SEO.

The Design...

Following the build of their new, responsive website – Z2 Engineering has now also been converted to an AMP website, now using the new WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Using Amp has many advantages, mainly: faster loading times, the ability to serve pages directly from Google’s own cache, and developers have access to a vast array of pre-built AMP components making it easier to integrate into your website.

Gutenberg was chosen due to the ease and efficiency in which content can be added. Some customer blocks have been added to make it easy for our client to add their own content, such as button styles and Call to Action banners. 

The Build...

Redundant and unnecessary code were identified and removed from the website, such as JavaScript, CSS and plugins that aren’t compatible with AMP. AMP has a limit of 50KB, meaning that all code must be minimized to be clean and efficient. 

AMP components were then added to re-apply the functionality lost when the original code was removed, such as the image carousel and other features that are important aspects that provide rich-functionality and user experience. These vital components, such as slide-in navigational menus, lightboxes and carousels, are pre-built and designed from the start to be fast efficient without increasing page load times. 

Once these were added, the site looked much like the original, but now with the supercharged performance of AMP. 

The Results...

The final step was to make sure that analytics tracking was in place, then testing. Here’s what we found: 

The original site:

Page load speed of around 2.4 seconds

Mobile Pagespeed: 54/100

Desktop Pagespeed: 89/100

The new AMP site:

Page load speed of around 2.2 seconds

Mobile Pagespeed: 90/100

Desktop Pagespeed: 99/100

There are several other advantages to an AMP site, such as:

  • Pages now load much quicker as pages are served from Google’s AMP cache, ensuring the sites load from the nearest server based on the users location
  • 50KB limit ensures that the code used for styling is clean and efficient, only showing elements being showed on the page
  • You can still use tracking services such as Google Analytics
  • If you require content that is not written in AMP format, this is available using the amp-iframe component
  • The website still appears and functions very similarly to the original
  • Gutenberg produces clean code that can be easily rendered in AMP
  • Custom blocks can be added to WordPress’ Gutenberg editor to extend its functionality

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