York Mental Health Directory aims to give users easily accessible information and support for a range of mental health problems. York is known for having some great mental health facilities; however it’s often difficult for those suffering with mental health issues to find the right kind of help. York Mental Health Directory therefore aims to offer an efficient and easy way for users to find the correct support.

Ascensor has always had a strong CSR focus and significant experience in developing online directories. We were very keen to help and support this company to raise awareness of mental health support in York.

Access and Design

The website needed to provide easy access to mental health services within York and the surrounding areas. The website design is accessible and intuitive to allow users to easily navigate the site to find the content that’s relevant. The font size and colours of the website can also be controlled by the users, while a search bar with predictive writing and multi-category search menu enables service users to find support quickly and easily.

Easy to use Content Management

Throughout the website there are links to fact sheets and self-help information about maintaining good mental health and wellbeing provided. The client felt this was very important as they wanted the website to be interactive and offer instant help as well as long term solutions.

The content is all managed through the WordPress admin, allowing the client to easily add new listings to the directory and manage existing content quickly from their offices.


What York Mental Health Directory - Web Design said

Ascensor created the York Mental Health Directory for us, they had already created one for Leeds so they were able to create something similar which made the process a lot easier for us. They were efficient, flexible and created exactly what we wanted. As this was for charity and being done in a voluntary capacity they were also really patient when requesting information from our end knowing that the project contacts couldn't always respond straight away.
Jeannette was fantastic and really supportive, we enjoyed working with her and she made the process a whole lot easier. James was terrific and ensured the project could be delivered on a charity budget and the on costs weren't too great.
I hope Ascensor continues to work with charities as creating websites on a charity budget leaves the charity world open to exploitation. Glad to see Ascensor takes their corporate responsibility seriously.

Dani Wardman York Mental Health

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