The Client...

ubu support and enable people with psychological, health and social care needs to live with greater independence and function in wider society.

Their hub is in Harrogate but they operate across the North, West and East of England. Ascensor were approached to provide a new and more user-friendly content management system for the website. We were asked to provide an efficient management system, improved navigation and mobile responsiveness.  

The Design...

ubu’s previous website struggled with navigation in certain areas, and following a usability study, we were able to demonstrate to ubu that some users could find themselves lost in some sections. We were also able identify that users would have to navigate back out to the home page or category page in order to continue browsing. ubu worked very closely with us and we were able to suggest enhancements to the in-page navigation whilst maintaining the clean brand feel of the website.

The Build... 

As ubu is a customer-led organisation with mobile traffic above the UK average it was of vital importance that the mobile experience was good, the majority of our website users were using their mobiles. The original website was responsive but we were able to find improvement opportunities to aid the user’s experience. A thumb (footer) menu was added to enhance navigation and animation was reduced to simplify the mobile experience and improve loading speeds.

What’s Next?

As we continue to work with ubu, we aim to help them grow their online presence and further enhance brand awareness through increased traffic levels.

Working alongside ubu we have know that communicating with existing stakeholders, encouraging new visitors to the site and providing a portal to showcase the volumes of content that ubu provide, are the key focal points for the future. We have other projects in discussion with ubu and are looking forward to maintaining our relationship and working in partnership with them in the future.

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What ubu - Web Design said

Ascensor have helped us to grow our online presence, to further enhance awareness of our services and ensure that we are communicating effectively, encouraging new visitors to our site and providing a portal to demonstrate the value of our services and the innovations we have planned in the future.

Julie Windress, Project Manager to CEO of ubu

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