The Systems Link

The Challenge

Due to the nature of her industry, Sandy often finds herself being judged on first appearances.

Being a young woman in a male-dominated sector, people often wrongly assume that Sandy may have less experience than her counterparts.

Sandy’s whole business is centred around making the ISO journey more personal for her clients, becoming part of their organisation by getting to know the people at the heart of it, helping them play to their strengths and work as one team.

When the pandemic hit, Linkedin quickly became the platform which kept Sandy in front of her connections, potential clients and partners.

She understood the value of maintaining these relationships but had previously shied away from using the platform, finding the ever-changing algorithms daunting.

After lockdown ended and face-to-face meetings became more commonplace, Sandy found she had less time to post and her connections picked up on this, commenting that they were missing her presence on LinkedIn.

Sandy was keen to use LinkedIn to demonstrate her extensive knowledge and experience, but didn’t have the time to post consistently.

The Systems Link on mobile
The Systems Link on mobile
The Systems Link on mobile

What We Did

Our organic social team took the time to really understand The Systems Link and Sandy’s unique approach.

We reviewed previously well-performing content, conducted competitor research and analysis and held a series of discovery calls to better understand the content that would resonate with Sandy’s clients and connections.

The content needed to mirror Sandy’s natural tone of voice and encourage people to take notice and consider a different way of thinking.

Unlike many of our other LinkedIn clients, we began by marketing on Sandy’s own LinkedIn profile rather than her business page.

This gave us the opportunity to really portray Sandy’s personality, whilst promoting The Systems Link with a personal approach.


The Results

Since starting work with Ascensor, we have increased sessions by 102% and clicks by 566%.

The right people are now taking notice of The Systems Link’s unique approach to ISO implementation.

Sandy has been directly contacted by new leads and received messages from old contacts in the industry who relate to her approach and are keen to work on new projects together - all thanks to how she is presented on LinkedIn. The Systems Link is now more consistently represented across social media and the brand’s profile has been considerably boosted.

What The Systems Link said...

It can be hard to ignite excitement with this kind of industry, so I’ve found it really impressive that Ascensor is so creative with their ideas.

The team really took the time to get to know me and understand what I was looking for.

By doing this, they are so easily able to mirror my tone of voice and recognise what I’ll like.

No part of the process has felt rushed and the team now feels like an extension of my business, which is how I like to do business.

I love that Ascensor have a younger team who fundamentally ‘get it’.

They have a baseline of knowledge which comes as second nature to them, which is a real bonus. The team are incredibly creative and interpret my ideas when I’m not quite sure what to do with them myself.

Sandy Domingos-Shipley - Owner

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