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What We Did Evoking a premium, website feel.

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The new brand is elegant simplicity – to evoke a premium feel with the visual inspiration behind the inimitable brand is classic with a twist, luxe yet refined and modern but never trendy. The website had to interpret the brand, perfectly.

As the showcase for The Rarified’s beautiful art, the place where each new prospect can be lost or won, the website had to communicate with elegant simplicity, so we got to work.

The Rarified on mobile
The Rarified on mobile
The Rarified on mobile

The Design Elegantly simple.

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Stylish, Elegant and Understated, the website leads with a single full-screen main image with the logo and tag line ‘Astonishing Floral Design’. Their simple and effective message comes through in a clean and uncluttered fashion.

Navigation is via a mobile menu in all formats, with the menu overlaying from the right-hand side.

Internal pages comprise a carefully crafted copy, broken up with large images to make the content easily digestible.

The checkerboard portfolio allows images to be inspected in detail via a lightbox, that allowing each image to be browsed in high-resolution detail.

With all sites we focus on page speed optimisation and keeping The Rarified website elegantly simple has meant that the content can be served up superfast, whatever your chosen device.


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