Raithwaite Sandsend

The Challenge The Raithwaite Sandsend team initially came to us looking for support after being hit hard by waves of Covid lockdown restrictions.

The hotel already had a loyal customer base and exceptional offering, and wanted to launch a campaign to help compensate for their loss of earnings over prolonged periods of closure. 

The primary targets Raithwaite set for the campaign were:

  • Increasing web traffic

  • Increasing conversions of bookings

  • Increase direct booking numbers

  • Increasing room occupancy

  • Securing top-three search engine rankings for targeted keywords


What We Did The digital campaign was highly targeted to drive users to the Raithwaite Sandsend website and in turn improve the conversion of visits to bookings.

A six-month campaign was activated using paid search (PPC), organic search (SEO) and paid social.

Our marketing team was able to create a campaign based on insight, creativity and carefully tailored messaging that focused on Yorkshire’s main selling points and capitalised on increased demand for UK-based coastal and country breaks.

With people wanting to avoid crowded city centres it made sense to target the campaign, focusing on specific geographic locations as localised lockdown restrictions changed, and updating the campaign to reflect any changes in buying behaviour. 

In order to do this effectively, we worked in an agile manner, analysing user behaviour and recognising patterns and updating the campaign in real-time as needed. 

Raithwaite Sandsend on mobile
Raithwaite Sandsend on mobile
Raithwaite Sandsend on mobile

The Results Raithwaite achieved an incredible 1,800% return on investment, achieving 99.5% hotel room occupancy

Thanks to the keen eye and attention to detail of the PPC and SEO team, who continually monitored the progress of the bounce-back campaign, Raithwaite achieved an incredible 1,800% return on investment, achieving 99.5% hotel room occupancy and saving the hotel over £120,000 in just three months by driving direct bookings to the site and avoiding commissions for online travel agents.

Raithwaite’s retargeting ads reached 292,000 unique users, with 1.15m impressions generating 45,000 clicks. 

Significant page ranking improvements were recorded after a combination of on-page content optimisation, technical improvements and internal link analysis.

Thanks to the superb results of the ‘Back to Business’ campaign, Raithwaite enjoyed a strong post-Covid recovery, safeguarding jobs and improving their future booking pipeline.

292,000 Unique Visitors
92% Hotel Occupancy
1,800% Return on Investment
What Raithwaite Sandsend said...

We’re delighted with the results we have achieved thanks to Ascensor’s hard work. Our PPC campaigns are consistently performing, and the team is constantly making significant SEO improvements to our site. Our bookings have greatly increased thanks to their expertise!

We feel confident that the team is always on hand to provide any changes whenever we need them to, which we really appreciate. We definitely plan on working with Ascensor for our digital marketing needs for many more years to come.

Max Hunter, Director

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