South African-made skincare products

The Ordinary Skincare Company approached Ascensor to develop a new website for its brand of skin creams and products.

Manufacturing products under the Plainordinary© and Extraordinary© brands from their base in South Africa, the company has big plans to distribute their natural product range on a global basis. Ordinary Skincare required a bespoke website to deliver their content in a plain, simple yet slick fashion, a website that is capable of standing up in a highly competitive market and delivering the company message effectively.

Clean and slick

The new website leads with a fast loading animated home page, designed to convey the core product messages in sync with a product slider. The design utilises white space to frame the professional product imagery. Like all new Ascensor websites, the design is responsive to mobile and tablets, perfectly reducing the strong desktop back-ground into an easy to navigate mobile version and everything in-between.

The website contains a client area where customers are able to manage their details, all managed through the Ascensor Liquid™ content management system. As well as conveying the natural product range that Ordinary Skincare manufacture and it’s South African roots, the company wanted to provide an ability for their clients to donate some of their purchasing spend to one of their nominated charities.

Charity donations system

Charity giving is very important to Ordinary Skincare and one of the key features of the website is a bespoke token-based system that allocates tokens to customers who can then donate to one of the nominated charities.

Ordinary Skincare token visual. Each time someone buys through the site their client area is populated with an equivalent purchase value in tokens. A graphical front end then presents the number of tokens on the account and allows them to be distributed between up to three charities. An email reminder system is used to prompt customers if they have unallocated tokens in their account to build loyalty.

Features like the charity donation system can only be achieved using bespoke technology and Ascensor Liquid™ provides the perfect platform to support this.

So, what's next?

Now that the UK version of the website is complete a dedicated South African site has also been launched due to specific regulations within South Africa relating to handling currency. Ascensor has worked with a South African hosting company and merchant services provider to develop a working version of the site with completely unique content to ensure SEO compliance.

We are looking forward to working with the Ordinary Skincare company to help them to market their business and develop the online presence of their brands of natural skincare products globally, watch this space.

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What Ordinary Skincare said

We are launching a new skincare business offering moisturising products which really work - and work well for the most sensitive among us. Dr Claire Jamieson is a well-known Cape Town doctor who launched the South African Well Women programme. Claire formulated the products, and after extensive testing arrived at the core range we now feature. This has been proved to work well for dry and sensitive skin types. Our aim is to develop our business both in the UK and South Africa, where we make the products in Cape Town. We wanted to sell our products via the web in the UK as, and jointly through stockists and the web in South Africa. A complicating factor was our desire to use fulfilment services in the UK directly linked to our site.

After initially contacting 10 web design agencies in the North of England, receiving proposals from 6 we selected Ascensor in Leeds. They responded professionally to our initial brief, and we were most impressed by their previous site designs, together with the fact they had built and operated so many sites themselves. They plainly understood the need for sites to work well on smartphones and tablets too - and this was not an expensive extra. Their implementation cost was also very competitive, and they provided a brief we signed off on to ensure we knew what was "in" and what was not!
The project was managed by Andy, a Director of the business, while Imran came up with the "clean" design look we wanted, and Laura realised the technical aspects of the site. Ascensor helped us select the right merchant account and gateway partners and built the link to our UK fulfilment solution too. The site was built and operational in 3 months and finished on budget.

At the 11th hour, we discovered complications operating as originally envisaged in South Africa. Ascensor came to our rescue, and quickly constructed another site to run as, hosted in South Africa, and with completely different merchant services and gateway service providers - as required by the local rules in South Africa.
Throughout our project Andy and the team at Ascensor were helpful, very knowledgeable and quick to respond. The quality of the site has won many admiring comments - both from users and also agencies. The clean design and simple logical structure are appealing, and the backroom "Liquid" interface is easy to use, enabling us to edit our products, and the site, while making order management and despatching straightforward.

So in summary, we can recommend Ascensor to anyone wanting a great site.

Robert Rae, Director of Ordinary Skincare Company

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