Northern Sinks

The Challenge Northern Sinks Supplies Ltd needed to digitally transform their business in order to increase inbound enquiries from their customer base.

As is often the case with traditionally run businesses, processes can become outdated as technology evolves and companies are too busy to upgrade their systems. Northern Sinks had a Wordpress site, but this needed converting as it had no central area in which to hold their updated product list. 

The leading kitchen sink and tap suppliers also had new branding which they were excited to roll out, so this needed incorporating into the new website, presenting Northern Sink Supplies Ltd as a leader in their industry and a reputable source of quality products.


What We Did Northern Sinks are only able to respond to enquiries swiftly if their systems are working seamlessly, enabling them to view all product descriptions.

Using one of our Ecommerce templates, we created an enquiry-only website which allows users to see their extensive range of stock much more easily. 

Following the creation of a new PDF catalogue, our team stepped in to help with the content population of the site, freeing up the customers’ time and making the process seamless.

This is a huge change for Northern Sinks, as it means that their whole backend system has been improved and had a significant impact on the ease of process for their team. 

From a user perspective, the site is often used by tradesmen who are incredibly busy and need information about products and services as quickly as possible. Northern Sinks are only able to respond to these enquiries swiftly if their systems are working seamlessly, enabling them to view all product descriptions. 

As Northern Sink Supplies Ltd also sell directly to the public, it was crucial that the site had a simple user journey which would provide users with the prices and information they’re looking for, pointing them in the right direction should they want to make contact.


The Results A clean, user friendly site which allows Northern Sinks to nurture leads.

We rebuilt the Northern Sinks previous catalogue site which used WordPress in a bespoke system which is designed specifically for ecommerce.

Their old site only displayed product information, whereas our system includes enquiry functionality allowing the team at Northern Sinks to know exactly what their customers are interested in when they submit their enquiries. This is a great help when nurturing leads and boosting conversions for the business.

Northern Sinks don't currently want ecommerce functionality on their site, but with their new website, the option is there should they want it. 

Their new system allows Northern Sinks to easily update their products and expand their catalogue. They have been so impressed with Ascensor that they are now working with us on another project, and our design team are recreating their product catalogue, which will primarily be used for print but will also be made functional for digital usage. 

What Northern Sinks said...

Northern Sinks couldn’t be happier with their user-led, responsive website.

They are already reaping the rewards, seeing an increase in enquiries thanks to a clearer, more intuitive user journey. 

Northern Sinks warehouse and showroom manager, Neil Webster said: “We were well aware that our website needed a refresh, and we were keen to fully embrace our new branding. Working with the team at Ascensor made the whole process stress-free; they took the time to understand us as a business and got to the heart of what we needed from our site from a functionality perspective. 

It’s crucial that our customers can get the information they need about products, whether they are in the trade or a member of the public. We are now able to showcase our wide range of products clearly, and are safe in the knowledge that customers are led seamlessly through the site."

Neil Webster, Warehouse & Showroom Manager

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