The client

Cornelius Beer are a global leading manufacturer of drinks dispensing products, their beer division is based in Brighouse and specialising in beer cooling and dispensing. Their advanced beer cooling technology range has energy-saving qualities to reduce the cost of operating beer pumps.

As an existing client, Cornelius approached us to provide digital marketing support as they launched their revolutionary Modular Beer Cooler at the Brau Beviale exhibition in Germany. The modular beer cooler is not only super energy efficient but because they are modular, they are cheaper to install (only requiring a single engineer) and technical issues can be handled onsite (by replacing or fixing specific modules), whereas normally beer coolers require replacement and offsite fixes, so this is a significant advantage. We used the tag #GameChanger because this product really is industry-leading!

#GameChanger digital marketing activity

The product was not launching until November, however, we began the digital launch process in September. This process included setting up social channels for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and we then worked with the team at Cornelius to prepare a proactive B2B social campaign and email marketing campaign, targeting contacts from previous exhibitions.

We had a challenge in that we couldn’t mention the word ‘modular’, this would have let the cat out of the bag pre-launch, therefore we had to ensure that we hit the ground running post-launch so we created website content substituting the word ‘modular’ for ‘new’. This could then easily be switched out and redirects done once the product was launched, this included a pre and post-launch website hero image in the slider. The next stage focused on raising awareness, whilst using the key messages that this product would be ‘revolutionary’, sector ‘leading’ and a complete #GameChanger. 

We used the exhibitions’ feeds to encourage engagement and support the anticipation of the product launch with blog posts, follow-up emails and we also gave new contacts the opportunity to sign-up to be the first to hear about the product launch. Of course, we used our data-driven approach to ensure that all activity was tracked and individual posts were monitored using specific tags to ensure we could effectively grow the campaign.

During launch, we reactively picked up any relevant activity and we saw engagement peak during the exhibition. Our advanced marketing software enabled us to listen across all online channels for opportunities to promote the brand and the product. We timed the website content switch from ‘new’ to ‘modular’ after the actual product launch and released a new blog post and emails to coincide with the activities on the exhibition stand in Germany.

Our results

The campaign went according to plan with a steady build-up of activity in time for the launch.

  • Significant growth in website activity and engagement was ahead of expectations
  • Opportunities have been generated and strengthened as a result of the marketing activity and directly led to new sales opportunities for the Cornelius sales team.
  • The pages for the modular cooler are ranking at the top of Google for the major keywords, further enhancing the return on investment generated from the campaign and providing a solid foundation for future marketing activities.

This specific digital marketing activity was vital in supporting a physical product launch, the Modular Beer Cooler ensuring that once the launch was complete there was no lull in results. Building up a sales funnel and further contact program is essential in maximising return on investment and leaving a solid base for further marketing activities and future product launches.


What Cornelius Beer – Modular Cooler Launch said

Cornelius Beer had no hesitation in approaching Ascensor to fully manage a digital marketing campaign around a new product launch, a product launch that was to give nothing away until the launch date at the BrauBeviale 2016 exhibition on the 8th November 2016. This type of campaign was a first for Cornelius Beer, we trusted Ascensor to deliver on what they said. As with past experiences with Ascensor they went above and beyond what was expected, delivering a highly successful marketing campaign.

From setting up our new social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), proactively broadcasting via these channels on a regular basis, updating our website throughout the campaign and delivering e-mail campaigns Ascensor took care of everything. Customers visiting our stand at the BrauBeviale 2016 exhibition commented on the interest and intrigue the campaign had driven and that they had not experienced this kind of social interaction before, such comments underpin the success of the marketing campaign.

Jon Leaning Cornelius Beer Division

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