The Client...

Burgh Island Hotel is an iconic Devonshire landmark, a shining white ocean liner, moored on its own tidal island, surrounded by golden beaches and silver seas. Built in 1929, extended in 1932 and now restored to it’s ‘30s glamour, the Burgh Island Hotel is a retreat out of time like no other.

The beauty and intrigue of an island visit has always drawn guests who are looking for a unique hotel experience. It is no surprise that Agatha Christie, Noel Coward and many other pre-war luminaries made Burgh Island Hotel their second home.

The Market

An increasing number of Brits are choosing to holiday at home in a bid to save money and explore what’s on their doorstep. According to figures from Visit Britain, there were 47 million domestic holidays in Britain last year, a 5% increase compared to the same period in 2016.

As well as an overall increase in staycations, the number of short breaks (holidays between one and three nights) in England, particularly, has risen dramatically. In fact, Brits are taking nearly four million more short breaks in England than they did 10 years ago.

With the pound now worth less abroad (especially compared to the euro and dollar), it seems more Britons are happy to holiday at home. In fact, data from the Office for National Statistics revealed that during peak travel periods last year, there was a drop off in the number of Brits heading abroad – a 2% decrease in July and a 3% decrease in August compared with the previous year).

The Brief

The objectives set to us were as follows:

  • To increase the brand awareness of Burgh Island Hotel by increasing visibility via the Facebook Advertising platform.
  • To increase bookings by driving high-quality traffic to the website via a promotional offer on the Facebook Advertising platform.

In order to tap into this unique British holiday niche, we suggested running a promotion using Facebook Advertising. The campaign would run for 4 weeks from the 19th July 2018 giving potential guests the opportunity to book a stay at Burgh Island Hotel between 1st Aug - 31st October at a reduced rate.

The Project

Facebook Advertising is a fantastic platform for this kind of campaign and we made sure we utilised all aspects of its many targeting features to pick out the perfect audience for Burgh Islands Autumn offer.

Using insight from Burgh Island and our own research we managed to make a custom audience which specifically targeted the types of customers they wished to have with interests associated to people who would like a luxury mid-week break.

As Facebook Advertising also allows for Video and Offer specific ad formats these were utilised alongside standard image ads and carousel ads, to create a feel and image which aligned with Burgh Islands goals.

Using research on the industry; creative ad copy, catchy headlines and purpose made images were utilised with some fantastic results in a very short space of time…

The Results

By the end of the campaign the results really did speak for themselves:

  • 37,759 link clicks
  • 727,041 people reached
  • 1,169,512 impressions

The campaign managed to drive a whopping 544.96% ROI for all advertising and management costs, with an eyewatering Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 802.95%!

Overall Burgh Islands new Facebook page gathered an additional 1,400-page likes (an overall increase of 1,439%), with just under 59,000 post engagements (an increase of 1,417%)!

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