Leeds Law Society

The Challenge Leeds Law Society were looking for a website which would showcase the new direction of the society

Leeds Law Society came to Ascensor looking for a complete redesign of their website, which would reflect the new direction the society was looking to move towards. The site needed to contain a considerable amount of information, but ensure that the overall user experience was swift, easy and satisfying.

Leeds Law Society on mobile
Leeds Law Society on mobile
Leeds Law Society on mobile

What We Did A brand new website which is flexible and retains an ease of functionality for the client

The old Leeds Law Society website was based on a very old version of WordPress but the new site we created was a new, much more user-friendly solution. The site was built using the WordPress content management system which allows users to easily log in, upload and manage their content, without regular reliance on a developer. 

We also developed solutions to integrate the Leeds Law Society CRM system so that upcoming events could be uploaded and shown directly on the website.

The site utilises a block-based design, which means content modules can be created and displayed anywhere on the page, in any order. This flexibility allows each page to look unique but still retain ease of functionality.


The Results Leeds Law Society are absolutely delighted with their new website

The site boasts an incredibly easy-to-use admin interface, and all page content is user-editable. This has been incredibly valuable as it allows the LLS team to upload content from members themselves to the News and Resources page.

This means that society members are getting even more for their money, as they now have a platform through which they can regularly publish news items, updates and events.

Our web development team also integrated Rubi CRM, a 3rd party API, for calendar events. This allows LLS to easily share events as the site automatically pulls them through from their own CRM.

The site has a chat function and a clear navigation structure, using a 'mega-nav' that can accommodate a large number of links. It's also now run on the very latest version of WordPress, which is crucial for Leeds Law Society as security and privacy are of the utmost importance.

What Leeds Law Society said...

We commissioned Ascensor to re-develop and modernise our website. This was more than a facelift, it was a complete redesign of the capabilities of our site, which is pivotal to how we communicate with our members and our wider stakeholders.

The new site has been a tremendous success, in terms of website visits and engagement. This has been crucial for us, as a successful and ambitious membership organisation. Ascensor have greatly improved the web platform for Leeds Law Society, and our members are seeing that they can provide value to their law firms as well. This is a great example of a strong partnership.

Rachel Windle - Leeds Law Society's head of operations

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