4R Group is a leading recycling and environmental consultancy business, its’ philosophy is to encourage and promote sustainability whilst aspiring to recover wastes and complete nutrient cycles.

Recovering these natural resources helps both producers and landowners alike, whilst diverting natural and organic waste from landfill.
Working in collaboration with Lyndon Associates we were tasked with condensing three websites (4R Recycling, 4R Environmental Consultants & 4R Products) into a single site that would better communicate the full range of services to all visitors and provide an easy to use the content management system to facilitate regular updates.

Putting users in control

The new website had to include the full range of services previously available through the individual sites, as such it needed to have multi-faceted and intuitive navigation to ensure users can easily locate the information they require. Our client's case studies are ever present to ensure the quality and range of work is always accessible plus an Infobase developed as a resource to provide downloads and other information.

For ease of content management, the site is powered and managed by the Ascensor Liquid™ CMS platform, giving the 4R administration the ability to easily control all aspects of the website using our logical administration panel.

Advanced website development

The website is fully responsive to account for the ever-growing numbers of mobile and tablet users. Ascensor websites have over 15 different size break points to ensure the user gets the best possible browsing experience regardless of their device preference.

As well as the Infobase we have included a site-wide search facility to pull relevant content in if there is no specific download or FAQ. The FAQ page works in an accordion style layout to maximise use of space and the website includes social media feed, data capture with Mailchimp integration and a homepage latest news feed.

With the new website amalgamating the information previously contained in three previously live sites we ensured that all previously indexed URL’s were fully redirected to new destinations which helped the new site to quickly increase in the organic rankings.


What 4R Group said

I was thoroughly impressed with the service Ascensor provided in building our new website. From start to finish the whole process ran smoothly showing their professionalism and expertise. I will continue to use Ascensor for any digital services we require in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses.

Dawn McGrady, Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator at 4R Group

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