Progressive Web Apps

With many apps needing an internet connection, developing a progressive web app can give you app like usability for the cost of a website.

We make use of modern web capabilities and touch screen technology to create immersive website experiences that make the most of the reduced screen size on mobile. Features include hidden menus, sticky buttons and controllers and minimal screen refreshing to keep the user engaged.

Because a progressive web app is a website it is more cost-effective than a native app, it is developed in a single language and tested across browsers and operating systems for compatibility. We can place book-mark icons on device desktops to enhance accessibility and support loyalty.

Other features allow progressive web apps to make use of phone functionality including geo-location to further enhance the experience.

Progressive web apps are by their very nature mobile-first, but they also have a desktop version which therefor presents much more scope than traditional native apps, giving the user an experience regardless of device choice.

Progressive web app development relies heavily on our UX design process to properly plan the user journey, ensuring that the mobile experience meets expectations for usability.

Website development capability is evolving faster than ever as is mobile internet usage, we believe that progressive web apps will be the future for all website development in the coming years. We’re building more and more of them for businesses whose device traffic is heavily in favour of mobile and tablet; have you thought about a progressive web app for your next website?

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We have loved working with Ascensor in the development of our website. Being visual artists I wanted our website to reflect our passion. Not only have Ascensor supported us, they have helped make our vision a reality, they are super professional and great to work with. We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a top digital agency.

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