The Journey

We’ve been on this journey since the 16th November 2007 and its all thanks to the amazing team that are Ascensor.

Batley Business Park

We started out in Batley Business Park in 2007, there were three of us to start with.

Growing the team

By 2009 we had grown to 9 people and had established our digital marketing department.

Bigger better offices in Birstall

In 2010 we went for it, moving to our previous offices in Birstall.

Developing the Ascensor brand in 2012

In 2012 we developed the current branding and gave our building a facelift.

International buisness growth

We acquired 50% of a Polish agency in 2014, as well as a smaller agency in Brighouse, team of 25.

We can help you grow parallax site

In 2015 we got into app development and launched the ‘we can help you grow’ parallax website.

Air Websites helping small business get an online presence

In 2016 we started working with 3 global businesses and Air Websites really took off.

10 Challenges for 10 Chairties in our 10th year

In 2017 we turned 10, we’ve got a lot of skills and experience, and we’re still not that old (well mostly).

ISO27001 Information Security accrediation

In 2018 we began our ISO27001 Information Security accreditation process.

Moving on watch this space

In 2019 we grew fast and made our move into Leeds!

Moving on watch this space

In 2020, we became a Leeds United Platinum Partner AND we received our ISO27001 Information Security accreditation!

Moving on watch this space

In 2021, we’ve welcomed many new clients onboard, ranging from SMEs to household names across a variety of sectors.

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