Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website to give it the best chance of being found when someone does a keyword search on the major search engines.

Having a well optimised website that provides engaging content is the route to search engine results, it takes time and strategy but it does yield results.

Ethical SEO

Ascensor employ only white hat, ethical SEO techniques and all work is done in-house at our SEO Agency in Leeds.

We work with all new clients to ensure the website structure meets the expectations of the search engines and that the key requirements of a well optimised website are in place.

Search engine optimisation often forms part of the digital marketing strategies that we develop with our clients because it can deliver long-term sustainable results. Search engine optimisation takes time to yield returns so generally we will be providing other digital marketing activities to provide a quick-win and return for budgets whilst the organic positions take hold.

Search Strategy

Our search strategies focus mainly on content marketing. This involves advising on or preparing engaging content monthly. This thought-leadership, knowledge-led copy is styled to suit the website and is shared through various channels with the aim of gaining interaction. The more interaction with the content, the better that content is regarded by the search engines. By ensuring the site structure is accessible, we can then make the most of any traffic that is gained and start to build trust with the search engines.

Our techniques change all of the time, but our results don’t. If you want to achieve stronger search engine positions and achieve more organic traffic, contact our SEO team in Leeds.

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